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Global Privacy Landscape for 2019 and Beyond

Posted by Jessica Santos on Feb 8, 2019

The global privacy landscape has changed dramatically in the beginning of this millennium. On the one hand, data is regarded as power and the new commodity or even currency, on the other hand, both data subjects and regulators have increasing demand of data privacy to avoid personal data violation.

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Why Consent is Essential

Posted by Stefan Kuegler on Feb 11, 2016

Privacy and security of data make the news on a constant basis - the risks and the exposure to bad data security is a threat to brands and consumers. International laws are constantly updated or created to make sure privacy and data security cover the evolving needs of today's consumers. 

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A Middle Way Out in Berlin

Posted by Efrain Ribeiro on Oct 15, 2014

Attending the recent Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in trendy and unseasonably warm Berlin, where the latest global innovations in mobile research and technology are shared and elaborated on, it became obvious why our presentation and following panel discussion regarding Consumer Mobile Privacy and Security Concerns was so timely. Two days of compelling results and demonstrations from cutting edge applications and research utilizing data collected both passively and actively from consumers’ computers, televisions, mobile devices, wearables, and eye-tracking technologies can leave a marketing researcher ecstatic over the boundless future possibilities for insight and learnings. The arrival of the smartphone in 2007 has positively accelerated the research opportunities available today by leveraging this personal hub of information to access a myriad of information.

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