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Data-driven marketing and the privacy paradox

Posted by Terry Wiley on Apr 12, 2015

As our lives become ever more digital so too do the means of technologically amplifying our reach to consumers. Data driven marketing is now commonly accepted as standard practice for the industry. This is no surprise, as online intertwines itself with our physical world through the devices we have come to rely on.

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Technology Takeover or Take Off?: Data Driven Marketing

Posted by Becki Southern on Mar 17, 2015

What this means for data-driven marketing
Things have changed. You only need look around you to see just how far technology has come in the past decade alone. Whether you look at the Apple product suite, Google’s role in finding your local takeaway, solving who ‘that guy’ on TV is, or the new-age wardrobe must-haves such as Fitbits or Google glass - technology is now a life-essential.

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Topics: Data Driven Marketing

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