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Five Reasons the Kantar Profiles Network improves your access to actionable data

Posted by Andrew Cayton on Dec 5, 2019

In building the Kantar Profiles Network, we had a clear aim: helping brands and marketers to better understand their audiences. This commitment has been central to the development of our largest single source of respondents to help, simply and securely, connect our clients to trusted data and make informed decisions. But how exactly do we do this?

Here’s just five of the reasons the Kantar Profiles Network helps improve your access to actionable data…


1. Access representative audiences

The Kantar Profiles Network offers access to 88 Million research-ready respondents across 70 markets. It is not only the largest network in the industry, but it consists of over 35 integrated and approved partnerships from a vast range of sources. This variety is key in terms of the demographics we can source for your projects. Equally, perhaps even more importantly, it also ensures that in high internet penetration markets, you are reaching representative audiences that reflect today’s consumers.

2. Compliant Process, Trusted Data

Privacy and data protection are critical today and will be even more in the future. The Kantar Profiles Network is built on validated, permission-based respondents and best-in-class quality tools. The Kantar Profiles Network is carefully managed in two key ways, to protect the personal data and privacy of respondents and to deliver compliant and reliable data that you can trust.

3. Richer Understanding

The Network has deep profiles which means that we can target respondents by standard demographics (such as age, gender, region or income), as well as pre-targeting many categories. These range from automotive purchase intention through to smoking habits and pet ownership, allowing you to quickly identify your audience and speed up the research process with accuracy.

4. Connecting and activating your audiences 

Using industry-leading technology and our 20 years of sampling and sourcing experience, the Kantar Profiles Network’s proprietary platform can uniquely connect, verify, append and activate your data and programmatically link you to new audiences. Whether you are looking to pin-point an audience for scalable targeting of ad placement or go beyond self-reported data to measure purchase or behavioural data, our 45 million enhanced profiles connect you to applied data solutions.

5. Faster Results 

We’ve streamlined the process, enabling you to turn your data into action more rapidly. Our deep respondent profiles improve the accuracy of feasibility right from the get-go and we can get studies set up and into field faster. In fact, since introducing the Network, we have seen time savings as high as 30% for project times.

On top of this remember that the Kantar Profiles Network is the only place you can access our own proprietary LifePoints respondents, a purpose-built panel ready to share their opinions to help inform and shape your products and services today and in the future.

Want to see how the Kantar Profiles Network can help you better understand your audiences? Download the Kantar Profiles Network Flyer here now.

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