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Tara Wildt

Tara Wildt served as Global Marketing Associate until November 2015. In this role, she lead Lightspeed GMI’s digital and interactive marketing platform, branding initiatives and social media strategy. In addition, she developed creative solutions and collateral for Lightspeed GMI’s product suite and played a key role in the company’s strategic development.

Tara graduated from University of San Diego with a B.A. in International Relations and German and earned her Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University.

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Marketing Research 101: Six Common Mistakes in Survey Questionnaire Design

Posted by Tara Wildt on Sep 21, 2015

Online surveys have become the cornerstone of the market research industry. They quickly and easily allow businesses to gather consumer data, which they can use to: enrich products, alter marketing campaigns, and tailor messaging. Unfortunately, modern technology, which has improved the ease with which companies can generate surveys and analyze results, has also spawned an era where an increasing number of surveys are poorly formulated, limiting responses or skewing data to misrepresent customer intentions. By applying a few basic tenants of survey design, we easily increase engagement and improve data accuracy and overall quality.


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