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Research Analyst

Rebecca Smith joined Lightspeed in 2012 as Research Analyst for their Boston-based Financial Services Group. In her role she is responsible for managing relationships across a broad portfolio of clients, and oversees ad hoc survey projects for multiple clients including project kick-off, survey design, programming, analysis and presentation. She is instrumental in the production of the Group’s popular syndicated reports, most notably as the lead developer and writer of the Cardholder Delinquency quarterly report, and recently managed the launch of the Group’s auto insurance tracking panel. In 2015, Rebecca was elected to Lightspeed’s 2016 Americas’ Advisory Council. She is also member of the ESOMAR CYP program (Corporate Young Professionals) and in that role she attended the ESOMAR Congress.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Rebecca was a Senior Data Advisor for Forrester Research.

Rebecca has a master’s degree in communications management from Simmons College and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Stonehill College.

Recent Posts

Credit Card comparison Shopping: The Impact of Digital Marketing

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Apr 2, 2018

The Lightspeed Financial Services Group (FSG) recently reported on consumer trends and reactions regarding data breaches, personal loans and credit card acquisitions, and we now turn to credit card comparison shopping. In our latest post, we explore how digital marketing is more important today in establishing awareness, but digital tools also make it easier for prospective cardholders to compare multiple cards. 

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Topics: Financial Services, Data Driven Marketing, marketing research trends


Posted by Rebecca Smith on Sep 28, 2017

While more than 80% of US consumers are aware of the Equifax data breach announced this month, relatively few have taken actions beyond checking their credit card transactions a little more closely, a new Lightspeed survey reveals. But they want assurances of monitoring from their banks and credit card companies.

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Topics: Financial Services, Data Breach

Consumer Trends: What Personal Loans Look Like Today

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Sep 13, 2017

What does personal loan usage look like among your customer segments or within your footprint? In the latest Lightspeed Financial Services Group post, we look at consumer trends across secured and unsecured loans. 

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Topics: Financial Services, Data Driven Marketing, Market Research Trends

Citi vs. Chase: A Look At Credit Card Acquisitions

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Aug 8, 2017

Our Lightspeed Financial Services Group series continues with another look at credit cards. Consumers prefer a stable rate when it comes to rewards programs, but what do people feel about signing up for a new card all together? In our latest post, we learn what appeals to new card holders. 

62% of new cardholders say applying for their new cards didn’t impact the usage of other cards in their wallets – but 38% did cancel or stop using another card, according to Lightspeed FSG’s 2017 New Card Acquisition Study.

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Topics: Financial Services

Credit Card Rewards Redemption: What Appeals to Consumers

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Jul 20, 2017

Our four-part series from Lightspeed Financial Services Group continues with a look at credit card reward programs. Our first post highlighted consumers' views of daily dangerous driving activities, demonstrating how mobile enables risky behavior. Today, we focus on what rewards programs appeal to consumers and how the branded competition stacks up. 

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Topics: Financial Services, Marketing Research

Distracted Driving: How Mobile Enables Risky Behavior

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Jun 29, 2017

While many consumers agree that using mobile phones while driving isn’t OK to do, the activity is perceived as only moderately dangerous compared to other distracted driving activities. According to a recent Lightspeed FSG study on Dangerous Driving Activities (2016), 45% of U.S. consumers agree completely that it’s never OK to use a mobile phone while driving (65% agree completely or slightly). More than half of respondents observed other drives using their phones while driving. And, older consumers are more likely to agree with this sentiment than younger consumers (37% of 25-34 year olds vs. 59% of those age 65+).

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Topics: Lightspeed FSG

What Market Researchers Can Learn from New Orleans Jazz

Posted by Rebecca Smith on Oct 10, 2016

New Orleans Jazz represents a mix of individualism and cooperation - a merger of tradition and progress. It has an emotionally-evocative sound, with the ability to express a full range of sentiments reflecting the city’s rich and sometimes difficult history.

I recently attended ESOMAR Congress as a Corporate Young Professional representative from LiGHTSPEED. Peppered throughout the conference were the sounds and tastes of New Orleans, giving the global market research audience in attendance a sense of New Orleans culture and history while we learned about market research being conducted across the world. One such “sound” was keynote speaker Dr. Michael White, an acclaimed jazz musician and historian. I encourage you to check out some of his work here

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Topics: Market Research, esomar

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