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Research techniques for planning and implementing the marketing mix

Posted by Lightspeed Research on Jul 25, 2018

This is the third in a series of blog posts on research uses and techniques. This blog focuses on planning and implementing the marketing mix via the 4 P’s of marketing—product, price, place, and promotion.

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Appropriate Design and Evaluation of a Weighting Scheme

Posted by Lightspeed Research on Nov 1, 2016

In Debunking Weighting Misperceptions, our first post in the weighting data mini-series, we reviewed the benefits of weighting and debunked misconceptions. Now, we review how to appropriately weight and evaluate the weighting scheme.

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Topics: Data Driven Marketing, Marketing Research, weighting data


Posted by Lightspeed Research on Oct 27, 2016

With the presidential election in the United States in full swing there has been a lot of talk about the validity of political polls. This includes discussion on how to appropriately weight data. In this mini-series, we unlock the truths behind these weighting myths and misconceptions.

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Topics: Marketing Research, Marketing Research Data, weighting data

Being ‘smart’ with your data integration

Posted by Lightspeed Research on Aug 16, 2016

Most of us know that the mobile phone industry is on a pretty serious surge of personal use. In fact, think of one person you know that does not have a mobile phone. Coming up short? This is precisely the reason why all marketing researchers should have a strong focus on mobile.

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Topics: Digital Data Collection, data enrichment, data append, mobile marketing research

Reducing false positives in survey data quality checks

Posted by Lightspeed Research on May 9, 2016

Many clients include quality checks in surveys to make sure respondents are engaged and are answering honestly. However, many of these checks identify false positives, which often mean valid, engaged respondents are thrown out of the sample. How can we reduce false positives? 

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Topics: Research Quality, Marketing Research, Data Quality

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